Danna & Brendan: Wedding Part 1

Danna and Brendan were married in Dallas, TX this past August. I have family in Oklahoma and Texas so I love love to shoot near home. It was so great to be able to go back to Dallas and photograph this wedding. Danna and I met in college and have kept in touch ever since. I met Brendan when the both of them came to Chicago a few years back and liked him immediately. He’s super easy going and has a great sense of humor. Danna has an incredible laugh– I can hear it now as I write this post. I’m sure he’ll always keep her laughing:) Danna has a son Jackson and you can just tell how much he adores Brendan. They make such a sweet little family.

While preparing this post, I thought it would be nice to show an example of a wedding from getting ready through the end of the reception. Danna gave me a generous amount of time to photograph her getting ready and details as well as opting for a “first look”. About 75% of the couples that book me decide to see each other before. It’s an intimate moment before your day gets started– I step away after the first snaps to give you some time together. It also allows the bride and groom to take many of the group photos before the ceremony as well. Some people just want to get to the party:)

Since there are so many details and a first look from Danna and Brendan’s day,  I’ve decided to blog this wedding in two posts. This is the first. Enjoy!