Below are some commonly asked questions and answers. Get in touch if you'd like to chat about your wedding!

Do you travel?

I’m a Canon lady. I have backups for both my camera and lighting equipment.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Yes. Sometimes a venue requires proof of insurance and all of my equipment is covered as well.

Are you insured?

Should we do an engagement session?

I really leave this up to each couple. There are multiple reasons you might want an engagement. One is to have professional photos of what you look like more every day versus your more formal wedding attire. Also, some couples feel like they might be more comfortable with being photographed on the wedding day if they’ve worked with me on a session prior to their day. As a photographer, either way works for me.

Do you recommend a first look?

I think every couple should consider what is most important to them when deciding how to schedule the wedding day. Most of my couples do decide to have a first look. Electing to see each other before the ceremony gives you a few moments alone before the day begins. There is more time for shooting during daylight hours if you are having an evening ceremony. Many times it allows more time for creative images. I will definitely work with you on your timeline for the best photography however you want to arrange your day.

Do you offer a usb or download of images?

I do offer the custom edited files as a part of wedding packages and some portrait sessions. The files are available for immediate download when your images are delivered in an online gallery. If you’d like a USB instead, I can send you one.

Do we need an album if we have the files?

I consider the digital images a nice way to archive all the moments captured by the photographer. The album is the art piece. It’s designed to tell the story of the day. I love pulling out my wedding album and I have the digital files too if I ever want to look at them (even though I never do:). But the files give me security that I have them ALL if I want to ever look at them again. That’s why I decided to offer it to clients. My album is what I display in my home and show my family and friends. I really believe its important to have an album that will be an heirloom in your family and each couple should consider if that’s something that is important to them.

How many photos do we get?

I deliver approximately 80-100 images for each hour of coverage. This can vary depending on how much time is spent traveling on a wedding day, if you have a large wedding or a small one, if your guests really like that dance floor, etc.

How will you photograph our portraits?

Portrait sessions are really a collaboration between the couple and the photographer. I won’t ask you to stand up against a wall while I shoot quietly with a long lens in the distance or ask you to just imagine I’m not there. Because, well, I am there and with a big camera:) I just ask you to show me who you are as a couple. I will talk you through it and give you some direction. I don’t expect you to come ready with poses or be completely comfortable at the beginning of a session. But, it’s my goal at the end that you enjoyed being photographed. Plus, I’m sure I’ll stumble over a rock or say something weird, so you will be way cooler than me anyway:) So just be you and I’ll capture it.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to get in touch a@angelareneephoto.com. If you would like to inquire about a wedding or portrait booking please fill out the contact form in the link above. Thanks!