Hello and thanks so much for visiting my site! I’m Angela Renée, a Chicago wedding and portrait photographer.  Here’s my getting to know a little bit about me page.

5 things about me outside of photography

1. I have three art degrees– A BA, an MA, and an MFA. I was in school for a reeeeally long time:)
2. I like super spicy food, tequila, and anything that has chocolate as an ingredient.chicago-wedding-photographer-angela-renee
3. I was raised in Oklahoma and many, many times I miss its red fields.
4. I read mostly non-fiction because I’m fascinated by people.
5. I change my hair style probably every six months.

5 things about me + photography

1. I came to photography through moving image. I made videos before I made stills. I just say that I’m a lens based artist.
2. I am fascinated by people and photography allows me to get close and essentially observe through the camera.
3. I like to shoot personal photos with my dad’s old 35mm Canon AE-1 camera. It’s cheap and perfect.
4. I am working on a series of photos about Oklahoma that I’d like to publish in a book someday.
5. I am in love with the medium of photography and all the can be held in a single image.

“She captured so much raw emotion on people’s faces. I loved the attentive shots of the littlest things. She has that natural artistic eye that makes the difference between professionals like her and point-and-shoot novices like me.”
– Vivian T.

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